vRealize Operations No Data Available for some Widgets

The solution that I found  may not apply in all situations. It’s important to check first to see if the widgets in question should even have data in your environment. I know when I was googling around for a solution there are other published reasons for widgets to not display data. Also some will not display data until they have had enough time to collect and build the graphs, up to 30 days from what I’ve read.  My situation appeared specific to an upgrade of vRealize Operations Manager and the Horizon adapter. This was after an upgrade from 6.2 to 6.5.

For those familiar with vRealize Operations Manager the solution that worked for me was to just open each widget in the dashboard configuration and save them. I made no changes, but opened each as if I was going to edit them and then saved. Immediately they started displaying data. For those interested in the details I’ve included a description below.  Hope this helps someone.

The Problem

The issue I experienced was that some Widgets in vRealize Operations for Horizon were not displaying data on one of the Horizon dashboards. Below is the Horizon User Sessions dashboard not displaying any data, for any widget. I only expect the first column of widgets to have data as RDS and App farms are not in use in this Horizon View environment.

The Solution

I had a feeling the issue was specific to the dashboard because within other dashboards and widgets I could see some of the data, such as PCoIP bandwidth. This appeared to be specific only to the Horizon User Sessions dashboard. Before making any changes to a dashboard I made a copy of it.

Copy Dashboard:

First navigate to the Content section of vRealize Operations Manager. I performed all these steps as the “admin” account, but you can use any account that has permission to modify dashboards. By default only the admin account can.

Next, click on Dashboards and select the dashboard in question.

With the dashboard selected click the Clone Dashboard icon and give the copy a name. Click OK.

Modify Dashboard:

Now select the dashboard that you want to modify and click the pencil icon (Edit).

I found the solution to be as simple as editing each widget and saving it. I did not make any changes to the configuration, but for some reason opening the configuration and saving it caused the data to populate. Each widget has a pencil icon (Edit) that allows you to open and then save it.

From the Edit menu simply click Save.

After saving the data began to populate. Some took 20-40 seconds to populate.

One thing to pay attention to is whether the widget has multiple configurations within it. I found that I had to do a separate Edit and Save  for each configuration profile. Here you can see that the VDI Desktop Sessions widget has multiple Configurations in the dropdown menu.

When in the Edit menu for that widget I had to select each Configuration separately and Save. Here you can see the dropdown menu that lets you select the Configuration.

Once I re-saved each widget I could now see all the data that previously was reported as not available.


I couldn’t find anything else online reporting this specific scenario so hopefully this post helps someone else. It may be very specific to my situation and upgrade path. If anyone has additional information about this issue or a better resolutions please comment and let us know.


Thanks for reading!

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